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Evolution Send & Receive popup

This plugin adds RSS Feeds support for evolution mail. RSS support was built upon the somewhat existing RSS support in evolution-1.4 branch. The motivation behind this was to have RSS in same place as mails, at this moment I do not see the point having a separate RSS reader since a RSS Article is like an email message. Probably that's the same reason for NNTP support in evolution.

Evolution RSS can display article using summary view or HTML view.


evolution main window displaying a RSS article
  • RDF,RSS and ATOM support
  • Searching and filtering using Evolution support (a feed article is infact an email message in Evolution)
  • HTML articles page rendering
    • Gecko (firefox, mozilla, xulrunner) support
    • Apple's Webkit support
  • Cookies support
  • Offline reading of feed content
  • Renaming of feed folders
  • Feed Enclosures
  • Feed Comments
  • OPML/FOAF/XML import/export function
  • Auto-cleaning old article feeds
  • Feed favicons for feed folders
  • Magic Spacebar For Reading Articles (Evolution MagicSpacebar)
  • Add feeds from browser through D-BUS using binary evolution-import-rss


  • 2011-05-09: Released version 0.2.5

  • Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • Fix export function
    • Improve debug output
    • Fix deleting folder contents
    • Make opml filter default when exporting
    • Add default export file name
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bug 648559 - evolution RSS plugin wont accept any feeds
    • Bug 648490 - arXiv rss feeds: from not shown properly
    • Bug 647142 - crash when adding a new feed
    • Bug 644100 - Crash when exporting feeds
  • 2011-03-06: Released version 0.2.4

  • Bug fixes:
    • Bug 643187 - url redirection for enclosures doesn't work as expected
    • Bug 643050 - crash on moving rss-folder
    • Bug 642357 - crash on parsing RSS feed
    • Bug 641237 - Importing RDF feed fails
  • 2011-01-31: Released version 0.2.3

  • Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • Fix parsing of ref=alternate nodes
    • Do not pass empty string to strcasecmp
    • Fix fetch feed operation progress bar
    • Allow build with newer webkit
    • Fix parsing children nodes
    • Remove excessive debug warnings
    • Init rss folder hooks later
    • Print imported feed url in case cannot lookup channel name
    • Use ref alternate in atom feeds to get feed link
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bug 639825 - RSS plugin freezes Evolution on some posts if 'Show full text'
    • Bug 639942 - Segfault when importing new feed
    • Bug 638297 - undefined reference to webkit_hook_actions

  • 2010-12-19: Released version 0.2.2

  • Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • Remove warnings on missing shellview.
    • Fix render engine combo.
    • Fix gtkhtml detection.
    • Fix sending RSS articles as mails.
    • Improve displaying of folder icons (it greatly speeds up the loading)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bug 635157 - Bad character encoding when showing full text
    • Bug 636053 - Host-relative links in atom feed don't work

  • 2010-10-06: Released version 0.2.1

  • Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • Add support for evolution 2.32

  • 2010-07-20: Released version 0.2.0

  • Bug fixes:
    • 621269 - RSS feed items with blank lines in header fail to render
    • 612621 - Can't update feeds requiring authentication
    • 617849 - Crash in e_shell_searchbar_get_shell_view at e-shell-searchbar.c:1060
    • 617717 - evolution-rss doesn't compile with evolution master
    • 596034 - Cannot rename RSS folders
    • 598570 - evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in g_markup_escape_text()
    • 599660 - Feeds do not get updated in evolution 2.28.1
    • 599528 - queue enclosure downloads and reduce memory usage for large enclosures
    • rhbz #595745 - fix displaying of images (regardles of resize setting)
    • rhbz #523552 - Evolution crashes when changing properties on a non-feed folder
  • Miscellaneous fixes
    • Use xml:base when resolving links if feed provides it
    • Fix opening of multiple properties windows
    • make java/script webkit options work
    • Hide broken images in case feeds images are corrupted
    • Fix update online status
    • Fix re-fetching of expired cache items
    • Fix adding feed requiring authentication
    • Do not crash on cancelling imports
    • Show feed comments images
    • Fix folder rename
    • Revamp opml import process
    • Fix editing feeds
    • Fix deletion for articles no longer present in the feed
    • Respect --disable-schemas-install configure option
    • Properly support importing file:// type feeds
    • Handle media extension properly
    • Implement browser menu zoom controls
    • Implement GSEAL compliance
    • Fix webkit browser window resize
    • Fix webkit controls
    • Support feeds with missing title, missing author
    • Disable gecko by default - we do not support Gecko anymore
    • Support folders in opml export
    • Fix loading of folder icons
    • Do not crash when clicking rss icon in notification area
    • Make setting up feeds process async
    • Add support for no type opml entities
    • Use atom:published for date when parsing atom feeds
    • Handle broken feeds with null as enclosure
    • Migrate to Gtkbuilder
    • Inline images do not go out when sending emails in evolution
    • Add expire option for cached images and fetch images if they cannot be served from cache
    • Add auto-resize images option for extra large images
    • Port to kill-bonobo

All news

Evolution-RSS displaying an article

      * Rendering with Gecko support.



evolution-rss-0.3.95.tar.xz (530K)

evolution-rss-0.3.94.tar.xz (501K)

evolution-rss-0.3.93.tar.xz (501K)

evolution-rss-0.3.92.tar.xz (491K)

evolution-rss-0.3.91.tar.xz (480K)

All downloads





See Installation page

Add RSS feeds under evolution

For adding feeds to evolution-rss please see the Setup Feeds page.

For importing feeds from browser see Importing Feeds page.

Enable rendering of feed articles using Gecko or Webkit

You probably need to recompile evolution-rss. And you will need the following

distribution package
Fedora xulrunner-devel-unstable


Ubuntu xulrunner-1.9-dev


Suse gecko-sdk

After you installed those packages you will need to recompile evolution-rss. Support for gecko or webkit libraries should be automatically detected:


Evolution RSS plugin successfully configured

       Source code location	: .
       Installation path	: /usr/lib64/evolution/2.26/plugins
       Prefix			: /usr
       HTML renders		: gtkHTML, WebKit (1.1.10), libxul-embedding (gecko engine version 1.9)
       Primary HTML render	: gtkhtml
       D-BUS support		: yes
       libsoup-gnome support	: yes
       Import feeds		: evolution-import-rss

Go to evolution Plugins => Evolution RSS => Configuration => Engine and select Mozilla as rendering.

Enable cookies support

Note: At least libsoup 2.26 is required and libsoup-gnome if you want sqlite support.

Go to evolution: Plugins => Evolution RSS => Configuration => check Accept cookies from sites.

This will enable evolution-rss to store data using cookies when browsing with either gecko or webkit.

This is most useful when you have sites that require username and passwords.

If you want to import cookies from other browsers or applications go to:

Go to evolution: Plugins => Evolution RSS => Configuration => click on Import Cookies.

You can import cookies from Firefox (sqlite format) or from text files (Netscape format).

Evolution crashes when using gtkmozembed as a render (evolution-rss < 0.2.0) ?

Problems have been spotting when running evolution under Ubuntu and prbably on Debian too.

This is a well known bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/26436/), as many other application crash when they embed firefox with gtkmozembed.

There are 3 fixes for that:

- either run evolution with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/firefox/lib evolution
- either appd into ld.so.conf /path/to/firefox and run ldconfig afterwards
- install and recompile evolution-rss with xulrunner-1.9 which provides glue
that should load the right libs automagically

or you can choose to render articles using Webkit

What does "Validate feed" mean?

Adding feed when poor conection can be really slow. Imagine you have a 350+ opml file and each feeds needs to be feched before setup, this will take enourmous amount of time, so you can just skip this step by unchecking Validate feed option. Feeds will be read, afterwards one by one.



  • Anonymous access
git clone git://git.gnome.org/evolution-rss