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AllMedia lite 5120285

This is some old hardware zoran based compression card I found through my old junk. The card name is "AllMedia lite" it is a ISA zr36050/zr36055 (h55) based card. This card seems somewhat compatible with Invader ISA (Trident Pcview) card. There was a driver implementation for linux by Wolfgang Scherr but that page does not exist anymore, so I mirrored the old driver page. The old driver is accessible invader-old.tar.bz2. The driver was written for kernel 2.2/2.4 and I adapted the existing modules for 2.6 kernels. The new driver wants to be an adaptation for the actual kernel branch and adds support for various cards based on the h55 chipset (zr36050/zr35055). You can find my adaptation invader-linux.tar.bz2, or you can browse cvs

Below is documentation without it wouldn't be possible to write the driver from scratch!

ZR36050 - Jpeg Image Compression Processor

ZR36055 - Motion Jpeg Controller

SAA7110 - One Chip Front-end 1 (OCF1)

SAA7199B - Digital Video Encoder (DENC)