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Rebuilding evolution-rss with debugging symbols


  yum -y --enablerepo=fedora-debuginfo install evolution-rss-debuginfo

Debian or Ubuntu

  • Install the basic development packages and the build-dependencies for the package we want to rebuild.
      # apt-get install build-essential fakeroot gdb
      # apt-get build-dep evolution-rss
  • Download & rebuild our package from source, keeping debugging symbols
      $ DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip,noopt fakeroot apt-get -b source evolution-rss
  • Install our newly built package.
      # dpkg -i evolution-rss_0.0.8-2_i386.deb

replace 0.0.8-2 with the actual version you're building for (eg. 0.1.0-2, 0.1.2-1. 0.2.2-1)

  • You can check the binaries installed from your .deb have debugging symbols with 'nm', or with gdb itself (see below).
      $ nm /usr/lib/evolution/2.22/plugins/ |less  #should show lots of output

  • Download the i386 build packages:

- 0.0.8-i386. - 0.1.2-i386.

  • Download the amd64 build packages:

- 0.0.8-amd. 0.2.2-amd