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Setup Feeds

Since evolution-rss 0.0.4 is possible to configure evolution-rss by

Edit->Preferences->News & Blogs or simply by pressing shortcut Shift + Ctrl + s

Evolution preferences window:


Adding feeds

To add a feed use Add.png Add button.


Add feed address in the Feed URL: field.

(for now you have to add the link pointing to XML content)

Article Settings

Sow the article summary instead of webpage - by default summary of feed article is displayed. Summary is a short html content that sometimes is a digest of an article. Checking this option evolution-rss will render the full html article contained in link. By default this is off.

Feed Enabled - allows you to disable the feed. Useful when feed page is not reachable for some reason (eg. temporary server problem)

Article Storage

Don't delete articles - by default no articles are deleted.

Delete all but the last X messages - this option will allow you to keep a minimum number of articles in the current feed, deleting older ones.

Delete articles older than X days - this option will delete every article that is at least X days old.

Always delete unread articles - this will force deletion of articles even if they are unread.

Article storage enables you do delete old feed's articles to save space.

For evolution-rss versions < 0.0.4 in order to setup feeds you need to go to: Message->Setup RSS

Evolution-RSS displaying an article

      * Rendering with Gecko support.

Importing feeds in evolution (from browser)

It is not possible to add feeds in evolution via D-BUS. To add feed use evolution-import-rss

evolution-import-rss <Feed_URL>

Add-feed-firefox.png        Evo-import-rss.png

   Added-feed-rss.png      Add-feed-rss.png